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RE: kernel 2.2.15 and pcmcia 3.1.8

I'm using it just because it's the version in Potato.  Haven't checked Woody, 
yet.  Since I'm about to upgrade to kernel 2.2.16, I may upgrade the pcmcia as 

>===== Original Message From Chip Salzenberg <chip@valinux.com> =====
>According to Nate Bargmann:
>> I have had this problem with both kernel 2.2.14 and 2.2.15 using the
>> pcmcia 3.1.8-x package.  In short, it appears this version of pcmcia
>> is broken.
>Um, this may be a stupid question, but....  The current version of
>pcmcia is 3.1.15.  Why is _anyone_ still using 3.1.8?
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