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XFree86, ATI Rage Mobility


I have a laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility display card. I have come to
accept that I cannot use the XF86_Mach64 server (I now use XF86_SVGA), and
I can only use SVGALib in sort of standard vga mode (chipset ATI - pretty
much a vga driver), due to "vertical banding" when trying to use the
MACH64 drivers... (does anyone know of improved support in the future, or 
maybe in XFree 4.0?)

However, something that is bothering me, is that I can only use 1024x768
in X... I use XF86Setup, and when "testing" the config file, everything
works fine, I can resize to any resolution less than 1024x768. However, as
soon as I save the config file, and try startx as a normal user, I get
errors along the lines of:

(--) SVGA: There is no mode definition named "512x384"
(--) SVGA: Removing mode "512x384" from list of valid modes.

I don't have a clue why. Should I attach my XF86Config file?


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