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RE: XFree86, ATI Rage Mobility

> I have a laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility display card. I have come to
> accept that I cannot use the XF86_Mach64 server

Data points:

My last machine, a Gateway 2150XL (Mobility 'M', 4 megs) couldn't run using
any XFree86 servers that I tried, the best I could get was a screen with
amazing vertical banding - even attempting to install Solaris/Intel resulted
in the same thing.

A Dell Inspiron 7500 (Mobility 'P', 8 megs) has no such problems and the
latest RedHat 6.2 went straight on (text mode install) and detected and
configured the Mach_64 server correctly for 1024*768, 32 bit. I realise
that's not a result with Debian but there you go.

I'm not sure what the differences are, but ATI's site mentions that
manufacturers using those chipsets can customise them to a certain extent -
that's why they have no generic drivers on the site.


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