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Re: How to change the IPs for a given NIC permently ?

Judging from the fact that your query was sent to debian-laptop, I'd
assume you have a pcmcia network card, in which case you should also have
a look at /etc/pcmcia/network.opts... though that is for potato. I'm not
sure if it is the same on slink.

Hugo van der Merwe

On Tue, 6 Jun 2000, Nazareth Shu wrote:

> Dear All:
> 	I've decided to change my Linux box which IP address has been
> configured since the installation, so far, I have to type the command
> " ifconfig eth0 192.168........" and then re-configured the routing
> table each one of the network interface ( I still stay on the early
> stage, and dis-like to upgrade my kernels from 2.0.x to 2.2.x ....) to
> make the new IP and new Gateway up to works.
> 	I'd like to know how to change the IP address without issue
> additional commands and remain the new IPs ( even though rebooting the
> computer ).  There are some files have to be modified,.  As I know,
> major distributions use different files from one to another to handle
> the configuration of IPs, so, does anyone who know which files the
> "Debian" need to be modified, so does the host name, domain name and
> other related configuration?
> 	Further more, if I have two NICs on the same computer, is there
> something different then the single NIC I have talked above?
> Note: I am using Debian 2.1 (which came with 2.0.36 kernel, I had
> re-complied it, but remain it kernel version ). 
> 						Thanks ! 
> 						Net Shu
> 						shu@ms5.url.com.tw
> 						June 4, 2000
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