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Re: xf86 and laptop displays

Once upon a time, I heard paul@mainland.ab.ca say

> Running a Thinkpad 1460 with a Rage Mobility chipset, I've been able to 
> configure X to bring up the proper 1024x768 display on my laptop screen. 
> The display looks very messed, however, with lines and windows pseudo 
> overlapping each other, and other neat glitches.  It almost looks like it 
> might be a timing issue...?  What values have people found to set for the 
> horizontal and vertical timing ranges when configuring the monitor for an 
> LCD display?   I'm sort of assuming that it really doesn't need a range, 
> but a single set of numbers?
> Paul
Installed potato on Gateway Solo 9300 which use Rage mobility as well, last
week. Xfree 3.3.6 Mach64 Server runs with out a hitch, without given vga=792
to kernel/frame buffer.


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