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Re: Please tell your success story

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Dieter Ebner wrote:
>Who has recently bought a laptop and was able to install LINUX?
>Could you please tell me the exact type of your laptop + how you have solved
>I am particularly interested in laptops of the higher class:

I've got a Thinkpad 600E, Celery 400, 192M, 10G.

>USB, serial, parallel

Never had access to any USB devices.  Serial works fine.  Parallel worked 
fine on my last Thinkpad and I don't expect any problems there.


No problems.

>DVD instead of CD

I didn't get a DVD.  I wouldn't really be able to do anything with it in 

>14" color

1024x768x16bpp.  The screen could do 24bpp, but 16 is slow enough when using 
the frame buffer.

>external wheel mouse possible

3 button track-point is built in.  I expect that I could just plug in an 
external 3 button mouse.


cs4232 sound module is loaded and working.  I have to reload it after every 

>modem and/or Ethernet included

Every modem or Ethernet PC-card I plug in works.  There is a built-in 
win-modem, but there aren't enough free IRQs left to run it even if I had 
drivers (it needs 2 IRQs).  No built in Ethernet.

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