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Re: Compaq Armada V300 and X

On Tue, Mar 07, 2000 at 03:53:37PM -0800, Heather wrote:
> There are two different questions here, the video card (chipset) and the 
> capabilities of the monitor.
> For the card, SuperProbe is the definitive answer.  That will tell you what
> server to expect to use.  Just bear in mind that for some chipsetws, the SVGA
> or framebuffer driver may be a choice as well as the matching accel server.

What about "lspci -v" or "cat /proc/pci"? These usually tell you quite enough 
about the graphics card, as long as it's a PCI or AGP card. They're also quite
harmless, fast, and work on any Linux kernel with PCI support (/proc/pci is 
the old interface, lspci from the pciutils package is for 2.2 or later).

Unfortunately, monitors are more tricky on laptops. Try the options you can 
access in XF86Setup or xf86config, and see if you can get it working at the 
proper resolution. For x86 PCs with external monitors, you can often get a 
clue about the monitor by using read-edid from

Creating your own modelines is pretty easy to do with tools like kvideogen 
( http://without.netpedia.net/kvideogen/ ) or modeline 
( http://home.kvalito.no/~bragthor/files/files.shtml ).

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