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Re: features by loc'n (was: resume works now on sony vaio)

Hello Tobias,
Any chance you can share your extra stuff that you use in tandem with netenv??  I
use netenv to change the network settings, but there are environment settings I
want to change (and daemons to re-run), without doing anything manually.

I am not a perl programmer, but could help out with bug testing in return....
John Stevenson.

Tobias Bachmor wrote:

> On 03-Mar-2000 Heather wrote:
> > Er, exactly my point - if I want different behaviro based on that I'm
> > "docked" for presentation, it may have nothing to do with card services;
> > the ps/2 and video ports are not going to -tell- anything that they have
> > something active - I'm going to have to set that myself.  And a coherent
> > means to keep that Set Of Things To Do together, kinda doesn't seem to
> > exist, yet.
> Yes, you're right with that. That's why I use netenv with a couple of different
> setups - and some perlscripts to do the dirty stuff (e.g. restart the
> daemons that need to) according to the chosen configuration.
> The point is that I now can simply choose my environment with netenv and don't
> have to bother. This is working for me right now but I'm already planing to
> make things more comfortable. Switching runlevels is one way, but IMHO a little
> bit overkill.

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