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Re: DC21142 integrated ethernet

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999 at 05:31:16PM +1000, Jordan Howarth wrote:
> Confirm for me if I am being less than clever but...
> I have just purchased an NEC versa note pII which comes with an integrated
> ethernet: DEC PCI DC21142. I am finding posts in Dejanews about drivers and
> problems with this "card" as far back as '97. Do I assume that 
> a) the same card is used in desktops as in laptops
Yes ..
> b) the tulip drivers shipped with current dists of linux carry drivers for this
> card. 


Before thinking to much - Try loading the "tulip" driver and
have a look in the syslog if the eth0 is found, or try to configure
the "eth0" after loading.

There are a couple of problems with different Tulip chipsets
but they all should be resolvable ...

Just try it ..

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