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Re: Xircom RealPort modem(/eth) not working

> The pcmcia utils - I had no luck with the 3.0.14 - Instead i debianized
> the 3.1 pcmcia utils and those worked flawlessly ...

hey thanks for that, this is the exact same setup i've got, i'll upgrade!

> Currently running Toshiba Tecra 8000 and an IBM Thinkpad 390 with the
> Cardbus Realport 10/100 + Modem without any problems ...
> I worked around the 3.0.14 pcmcia utils bugs by using the cardctl
> utility and suspending and resuming the cards. Afterwards they were
> detected ok ...

yep same.

which 390 do you have?  the one with the neomagic sound card or the one with
the ess?  if you have the neomagic one i'd love to know if/how you got sound
to work.  i've hard marginal sucess, and found nothing to make sound work
after have suspended one (rebooting for sound is more then it's worth :).


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