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Re: Xircom RealPort modem(/eth) not working

> Thanks for all the comments!  I've got the modem working, by using
> /dev/ttyS3.


> What is "cardbus" / How do I tell whether I have cardbus?  Is this a
> property of the Laptop, or the Xircom card, or both?

to be honest i'm not exactly sure of all the answers (eg. is it an extension
to pcmcia or an entirely new protocol/standard?).  my laptop has cardbus
pcmcia slots.  my xircom real port is not cardbus compatible.  but you can't
use a cardbus card in a non-cardbus slot.

> My card seems to be working now, but the "hot swap" doesn't work. That
> is, to get the card recognized I need to do a "/etc/init.d/pcmcia
> restart".

don't know sorry.

> Thanks for that!  It's a great tip!!!  How did you find out about that?

no problem.  i think i just stumbled across it one day and made a mental
note to remember it :)


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