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Re: Xircom RealPort modem(/eth) not working

Thanks for all the comments!  I've got the modem working, by using

> > I've compiled my own kernel (2.0.36) along with my own pcmcia modules
> > package.  I notice that "hot swap" doesn't seem to work.  That is,
> > when I push the card in or take the card out, the kernel doesn't seem
> > to recognise that anything has changed.
> i haven't used mine under the 2.0 kernels (only 2.2) but i believe that they
> are still supported just fine.  a couple things to be aware of though:
>  * if you're pcmcia slots are cardbus you need a fairly recent (more recent
>    then is in slink/stabe i believe) pcmcia-cs package in order to be able
>    to use it.  either upgrade to potato/unstable or compile you own (but
>    make sure it's a current version).

What is "cardbus" / How do I tell whether I have cardbus?  Is this a
property of the Laptop, or the Xircom card, or both?

My card seems to be working now, but the "hot swap" doesn't work.
That is, to get the card recognized I need to do a 
"/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart".

> you can find out which tty your modem is on by:
> heyzeus(larry)$ cat /var/run/stab 

Thanks for that!  It's a great tip!!!  How did you find out about that?



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