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Re: Debian-2.0 on VAIO 505 FX

Hi Greg,

>>>>> "GW" == Greg Woods <gswoods@dimensional.com> writes:

GW> Uwe Nestmann wrote:

>> I have the 505 FX (German win98 pre-installed)

GW> ....


>> now the system does not (cold-)boot any
>> longer, because it "cannot find the operating system".

GW> This is most likely because your aborted install changed
GW> the active boot partition on your hard drive.  Until you
GW> are ready to try installing Linux again, you can
GW> probably get things back to the way they were by booting
GW> from the Windows startup floppy and going to MS-DOS
GW> mode, then using FDISK to change the active partition
GW> back to the one with Windows on it. After that you
GW> should be able to cold boot Windows.

Yes, that is almost exactly what I managed to do a couple of
minutes ago, however, it seems that I was too stupid to use
the windows rescue floppy, instead I used "Execute a shell"
from within another Debina install attempt.  Good that the
CDROM is automatically recognized by the BIOS ...

== Uwe ==

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