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Re: laptop "metapackage"

>> I am saying that it has no special importance for laptops.  If we go down the
>> track of dragging everything that is needed for a laptop then we'll soon have
>> things like bash included which IMHO is not the aim.  The aim is to list all
>> things that are laptop specific or that have a special need in laptops.
>I totally understand that fear, I've had the same thoughts.

I was wrong though.

>> You install hdparm if you want to tune your hard drive(s) for maximum
>> performance.  It doesn't matter if you have a desktop or a laptop.  If you
>> choose not to install hdparm on your desktop then you probably shouldn't be
>> forced to install it on your laptop.
>The reason I suggested it is that I don't use hdparm for tuning my hard-drive
>for performance, only for setting it to shut down after 30 seconds of

I didn't realise that it had this capability.  It should be made part of the
standard dependencies then.

Russell Coker

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