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Re: Laptop used in multiple network contexts?

>> > If your laptop is not connected to a network, what exactly is it that
>> > you are doing that would make any sense in a network-less context that
>> > causes DNS timeouts?
>> trying to send email.  you don't expect it to be delivered but you want it
>> to be queued so as soon as you do connect it gets sent.
>Since I use Netscape Messenger as my e-mail client, I handle this case
>by just using Compose,
>then saving unsent messages in the Drafts folder. I can later command
>Netscape to send
>the queued messages. Sendmail is really not good to use on laptops. It
>very strongly 
>assumes that you are always connected and DNS is always available; it
>simply wasn't designed to work in an environment where DNS is not
>available, so I wouldn't recommend trying to use it in one.

I used to use Qmail.  It happily queued mail with no questions asked
(qmail-smtpd run from inetd), and then delivered them when the main Qmail
control daemons were started (after the PCMCIA network card was inserted).
I have now switched to Postfix but have not worked out how to do this.  So now
when I'm offline Postfix isn't listening on port 25 and my mail client (Kmail)
just puts the messages in the outbox and delivers next time I check my mail.

In the past I have had BIND stop when I remove the Ethernet card.  Then DNS
operations just immidiately abort instead of waiting 90s.

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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