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Re: Laptop used in multiple network contexts?

> > trying to send email.  you don't expect it to be delivered but you want it
> > to be queued so as soon as you do connect it gets sent.
> Since I use Netscape Messenger as my e-mail client, I handle this case
> by just using Compose,
> then saving unsent messages in the Drafts folder. I can later command
> Netscape to send
> the queued messages. Sendmail is really not good to use on laptops. It
> very strongly 
> assumes that you are always connected and DNS is always available; it
> simply wasn't designed to work in an environment where DNS is not
> available, so I wouldn't recommend trying to use it in one.

I use exim and working off-line work nicely: the mails are queued on my
laptop till I connect, then my mail is delivered as expected. I don't
need to do or remmenber anything. Just to connect once in a while :)
And I don't need any particular mail reader: everyone will do.


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