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Re: laptop "metapackage"

>> Package task-laptop
>> Depends: anacron, ??
>> Suggests: netenv, dhcp-client (or one of these)
>> Conflicts: ??
>> Replaces: ??
>> Recommends: ??
>> Until irda gets in fully, it is not an option.  I should have initial divine
>> packages here soon as well.
>How about suggesting the packages hdparm and apmd?

IMHO hdparm is no more important to a laptop than to a desktop...

>Should it also maybe include laptop-specific documentation/setup information?
>I just keep thinking about how difficult it was to set up a mail server to
>work properly over an intermittent connection.  Maybe a special set of docs
>for fetchmail, qmail, smail... ?

Good idea.  Also documents about POP over ssh/ssl and maybe SMTP routing over
ssh/ssl too...

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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