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Re: New to linux on laptops - A few Q's

	For mail (and other files), I use rsync. Very fast (only moves 
diffs between files, and can compress), secure (uses ssh), and
comfortable (I just issue a single rsync script, and my laptop syncs
my "main" computer, or the otehr way around).

	In my "main" computer I store all my mail under ~/Mail. In my
laptop, I maintain a (rsynced) copy of the same dierectory. When I
read mail at my "main" computer, I get it derectly from the mail
server via NFS, and send it using the local sendmail (which uses the
server's sendmail as a "smart host").

	In my laptop, I use a small (rsync based) file to access my
"main" computer, where email is also got via NFS, and sent to the
laptop. All I need is an Inet connection. For sending, I just use my
local sendmail. When I'm disconnected, the mail is queued (in
/var/spool/mqueue). As soon as I conenct somewhere, I issue 
"sendmail -q" (in fact, this could be part of "pon"). I changed
default values for sendmail regarding how long it keeps trying to send 
messages (5 days default was too low when I go on vacation and
sometimes I stay disconnected for more than that).

	I have to remember to sync from my laptop to my "main"
computer before switching to read mail there (and viceversa). But even 
if I forget, files are not overwritten (rsync makes backup copies in
this cases).

	I still have some problems with default routes and DNS. The
problem is that I always keep my Eth card in the laptop. Therefore, I
have to remember to "ifconfig eth0 down" when I need a "good" default
route, if I'm connecting through modem.

	Well, just my .02 euro...


PS: This message is being sent from my laptop. Therefore it won't
actually reach the Internet until when I connect, probably tonight.

mattwell@us.ibm.com writes:
 > These kinds of issues (syncing files) were driving me nuts a few years ago
 > and I started using cvs to sync up files which worked pretty well. Now I am
 > using
 > coda and after a rocky set up and shake down phase of a few weeks it is now
 > working fantastic. The biggest thing to not do is to modify the same file on
 > both
 > my server and my laptop when they are not connected - something I could do
 > with cvs. I have a tiny Mitsubishi Amity which I take with me every day. When I
 > get home I plug it in to the network and forget it. Changes I've made to files
 > get
 > automatically reintegrated.
 > [...]

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