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Re: pcmcia schemes ...

From: Peter Weiss <pw@InterFace-AG.com>
> >>>>> On Wed, 8 Sep 1999 19:47:34 -0800 (AKDT), Adam Shand <larry@alaska.net> said:
> Adam> [...]
> Adam> heyzeus(root)# cardctl scheme work
> Adam> heyzeus(root)# cardctl scheme home
> Hello,
>     well, that's the same way I'm doing it here. But how to setup sendmail
>     depending on the active scheme? Does anybody have solution for this?
>     (PPP is another point of interest).

Hi Peter,

I'm aware that I might be bursting in the middle of the discussion,
but have you looked at the netenv package and tried to see if you can
take advantage of it to setup schemes?  It only takes effect at boot
time but might be enough for you?

Hope this helps,


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