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Re: pcmcia schemes ...

Peter Weiss wrote:
>     well, that's the same way I'm doing it here. But how to setup sendmail
>     depending on the active scheme? Does anybody have solution for this?
>     (PPP is another point of interest).

Hi Peter (and Debian Laptop :-),

I have been working on a system for automatically detecting locations
and re-configuring my laptop appropriately for some time.

I am nearly at a point of making a 0.0.1 release of a debian package for

This system works for me in switching me between a number of
environments, as follows:
	- figure out where you are by querying network and hardware things.
	- build and execute scripts appropriate to your location.

If anyone is interested in helping me beta-test this they are welcome.

If anyone wants to help, what I can really do with at this stage is the
'helper' scripts to make it easy to do the sort of things that people
want their laptops to do when they go to a different location.

            Andrew McMillan, e-mail: Andrew@cat-it.co.nz
Catalyst IT Ltd, PO Box 10-225, Level 22, 105 The Terrace, Wellington
Me: +64 (21) 635 694, Fax: +64 (4) 499 5596, Office: +64 (4) 499 2267

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