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Re: pcmcia schemes ...

>     well, that's the same way I'm doing it here. But how to setup sendmail
>     depending on the active scheme? Does anybody have solution for this?
>     (PPP is another point of interest).

sendmail binds to what ever addresses are up when it starts.  if the proble
you are having is it trying to talk to an address that no longer exists on
your box all your need to do is bounce it (/etc/init.d/sendmail restart) and
it should be fine).  if you want it to work with *no* connectivity you may
need to set it up to run with a smarthost and without needing dns.  another
thing i did for a while was to use the kernel dummy module to load my work
ip address as a dummy interface when i was at home, but this caused problems
when i wanted to talk to other computers on the same segment as my work ip.

ppp shouldn't be difficult regardless so i'm not quire sure what you're
wanting.  if you just want an easy way to get it working i'd strongly
recommend wvdial.  it works great and requires the skills of a peanut to get
going :-)


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