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Re: Suspend Mode

>> >http://gamgee.acad.emich.edu/~roth/EXTENSA/suspend.html
>> >
>> >I got the command:
>> >
>> >     hdparm -m16 -c1 -u1 /dev/hda
>> I expect that the -m16 has no impact.  The -u1 (unmasking IRQs) is a
>and no, the -m16 is needed (at least on my Acer Extensa 355). It allows
>the BIOS to flush the RAM to the harddisk (I am not sure, but I think it
>enables multiple writes). I recommend to only set this if you experiment
>with your suspend mode and then advance further. 

It enables multi-mode.  This means transferring multiple sectors in one
operation.  I was under the impression that the -m option would only affect
what the Linux device driver does, not the hardware.  I'll have to look through
the source tonight and see what it does.

I'm in Utrecht.  I'd like to meet any Linux users in the area, or any other
part of the Netherlands.

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