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Re: proposal - Debian laptop package/distribution

On 02-Sep-99 Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
> On Wednesday 1 September 1999, at 10 h 56, the keyboard of "Sean 'Shaleh' 
> Perry" <shaleh@valinux.com> wrote:
>> > No, with Debian's diversions, it is very easy.
>> > 
>> Diversions are pure evil.
> Could you elaborate? I find them very useful and well-done, and I will 
> certainly not be convinced by name-calling like that.

My problem is the diversion mechanism and the fact that few people understand
it.  Add to that the fact of update being the app diverted and I become a tad
concerned.  Also, diversions only work on single files.  Not symlinks, not
directories.  So they are not a solution for everything.

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