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Re: proposal - Debian laptop package/distribution

Drew Parsons schrieb:
> Sean 'Shaleh' Perry wrote:
> > I would like to package 'laptop' or somthing similar.  Install this package and
> > you get a group of depends/suggests/recommends.  I have mentioned this in the
> > past.  Never got anywhere.
> >
> > In the same vein, working on the boot floppies it should not be hard to add
> > 'laptop' to the list of initial setups.  I can begin work on this as well.
> >
> Don't forget to address the issue of the "tecra" kernals (z not bz images) for
> those of us with a Toshiba laptop (mine is a Satellite Pro 490CDT).  Incidentally,
Let's avoid bzImage kernels for laptops anyway. I can't see a reason for
them, if we modularize the kernel it shouldn't become to big.

:-> werner

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