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Re: Bug#610223: [INTL:vi] Translation of network-console for Debian.

Quoting Hero Phương (herophuong93@gmail.com):
> Package: network-console
> Version: 1.27
> Severity: wishlist
> Tags: l10n patch
> Thanhks!

Thanks for your work,

network-console is a package which is part of Debian Installer "core"
packages. These have a specific method for debconf translation as PO
files are aggregated in larger files. These larger files are
translated by Debian Installer translators. For Vietnamese, that would
be Clytie Siddall. For the record, the Vietnamese translation of network-console
is complete.

Maybe were you intending to make corrections to the translation, as I
see many differences between your translation and Clytie's. However,
in such case, you should first talk with Clytie.


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