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Re: Request to review templates of OpenStack-related packages

Quoting Justin B Rye (justin.byam.rye@gmail.com):

> Those are the reviewed versions for ceilometer and heat, but the
> out-of-date version for cinder (see bug #708658).  I don't think d-l-e
> has ever seen that horizon one - it isn't bad, but it hasn't been
> reviewed.

Well, that's highly possible with the giant mess that are these
packages. This "story" lasts since the release of wheezy. I'm a bit
tired of seeing stats of ALL l10n teams completly screwed by the bunch
of OpenStack packages.

During the review phase, I may have ommitted some packages (for
instance horizon). We also have the case of packages that have got so
many templates changes now and in the past (nova) that I'm compltely
lost with them.

/me, very close to just leave this as it is and just say "phew....who
will even ever need that bunch of ultra-specialized packages"

My advice : leave things as they are and let just be more
consistent.....in translations.

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