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Re: Request to review templates of OpenStack-related packages

Matías Bellone wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> In the Spanish localization team we have identified some issues with
> the templates of packages related to OpenStack. Thus we would like to
> know your opinion about a general review of them as a whole.

Most of the flaws you mention below sound familiar; are the templates
you're looking at the versions from _before_ the recent (June-ish)
debian-l10n-english review of the OpenStack templates?
> I am not sure if this is the right way to start this discussion, but
> didn't know on which package to open a bug report and didn't want to
> open one on each as this affects - at least - the following packages:
>  * ceilometer
>  * cinder
>  * glance
>  * heat
>  * keystone
>  * nova

And quantum, horizon, and cloud-init passed through d-l-en at about
the same time, so why haven't the fixed versions reached you?
> Some of the issues we identified are:
> 1- wrong capitalization of OpenStack
> At least in glance's template, there are two instances of "Openstack"

Not in the last version I saw:


> 2- only some templates have useful clarifications for translators
> In Keystone's templates there is a lengthy comment about what "tenant"
> means that is not present in other templates but applies to them as
> well

Oh, yes, those strangely backwards "tenants", I remember that.

We put the note in keystone since that's the package the tenants
"belong to", but I suppose you're right, other templates should have a
similar note.
> 3- same question with different strings
> In particular, we have noticed this when asking for the information to
> use to register with the Keystone catalog service. Nova uses the
> string: "Keystone IP address:", ceilotemer uses "Keystone server IP
> address:" while cinder, heat and glance use "Auth server hostname:".

Hmm, did nova ever come through d-l-en?  I don't see it in my mailbox;
I was under the impression it had been retired.  The others passed
through, but if those are meant to be asking for the same thing, I
didn't notice - an IP address isn't a hostname!  Yes, this may need
more work, but we'll need some clarification from the maintainers.
> The same goes for the help text associated with that question. For
> example, when requesting the IP address to associate to the service's
> endpoint, nova, cinder and glance use something like "Enter the IP
> address that will be used to contact X (eg: the X endpoint IP
> address)." while keystone, ceilometer and heat use the form "Please
> enter the IP address that will be used to contact X."

Those versions with "eg:" are definitely pre-review.  If we'd let them
through I would at least have added punctuation, but probably we
rephrased them into the second version.
> Or for example, one of nova's strings (shared with cinder and glance)
> starts with "Each Openstack services..." and ends with "Select if you
> want to run these commands now." while the same string in keystone,
> ceilometer and heat it starts with "Each OpenStack service..." (notice
> that service is singular here and OpenStack is capitalized correctly)
> and end with "This can be done automatically now."

Again, these look like things I last saw in a diff, preceded by "-".
JBR	with qualifications in linguistics, experience as a Debian
	sysadmin, and probably no clue about this particular package

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