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Re: [debian_boot] Re: svn access

On Thu, Jun 17, 2004 at 04:30:14AM -0300, Lucas Wall wrote:
> 	Hmmm... Never mind. A couple of hours ago I checked the es 1st-stage 
> status and saw there were 2 missing po files. So I got one and started 
> the translation. Now I've checked again and, while I was reading about 
> the d-i translation and setting up an account on Alioth, everything has 
> been taken care of.

Please mail me first if you want to update debian-installer translations 
(or mail the list) in order to avoid conflicts.

> 	The team reacted fast. Thats good... :-) I'll just continue 
> 	translating po-deconf templates for regular packages.

An important package (pppconfig) is missing it and is rather big. Could you 
translate that?

> 	BTW... (this question may be more for l10n-spanish) Is there a place 
> 	to check for po-debconf translations priorities? I've been grabbing random 
> packages looking at popcon results, but maybe there is a better way to 
> choose my next translation.

I sent a mail way back to the list with some priorities:

1.- Debian-installer
	First finish the first stage
	Then the second
	Then the third
	Then the documentation

2.- Debconf templates, ordered by priority (attached is the spanish
    status as of now)
    see http://lists.debian.org/debian-l10n-spanish/2004/01/msg00061.html

3.- Program po files, ordered by priority (attached is the spanish
    status as of now)

4.- Documentation available at www.debian.org/doc/ddp

5.- Documentation available at the website



More info at

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