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Re: [debian_boot] Re: svn access

Christian Perrier wrote, On 06/17/2004 03:48 AM:

Lucas, spanish is currently 100% translated in core d-i, so what is
needed for commiting (of course, there are a lot of valid reasons
anyway, such as proofreading and error corrections)?

Hmmm... Never mind. A couple of hours ago I checked the es 1st-stage status and saw there were 2 missing po files. So I got one and started the translation. Now I've checked again and, while I was reading about the d-i translation and setting up an account on Alioth, everything has been taken care of.

The team reacted fast. Thats good... :-) I'll just continue translating po-deconf templates for regular packages.

BTW... (this question may be more for l10n-spanish) Is there a place to check for po-debconf translations priorities? I've been grabbing random packages looking at popcon results, but maybe there is a better way to choose my next translation.


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