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Re: svn access

Quoting Lucas Wall (kthulhu@kadath.com.ar):
> Hi!
> 	I'm in the process of translating a pot file for the spanish l10n. I 
> need access to the svn repo. My alioth account is kthulhu-guest. Thanks!

There are already people with commit access in the -l10n-spanish
team. I prefer receiving a confirmation that coordination with them
has been established so that translation consistency and quality
procedures are still applied.

Folks from the -l10n-spanish, can you please confirm?

Lucas, spanish is currently 100% translated in core d-i, so what is
needed for commiting (of course, there are a lot of valid reasons
anyway, such as proofreading and error corrections)?

Don't see this as a attempt to "close" the l10n process....but rather
keep a good team work.

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