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Re: You know this templates translation page ?

On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 09:45:04PM +0200, Michael Bramer wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 10, 2001 at 07:46:43PM +0200, hector@huron.scouts-es.org wrote:
> > There is already a project to translate descriptions into spanish at
> > www.laespiral.org (a spanish group aiming to promote Debian in the
> > spanish comunity)
> oh, very nice. I don't know that. 
> Is there a donwload possible. (all translation in one file or tar.gz,
> or a Packages-es file)

A Packages-es not yet (I could easily do it, but I'm waiting until we finish
reviewing the descriptions; some of them might have major errors).
You can always retrieve the current state of the GDBM files where the
translations are kept, using "rsync www.laespiral.org::LE-debian-es/* ."
This will retrieve the following files:
  desc-completas    GDBM file with translated full descriptions
  descripciones     GDBM file with translated short descriptions
  descriptions      GDBM file with original short descriptions
  full-desc         GDBM file with original long descriptions
  traductores       GDBM file with list of translators and packages each one
                    has translated (they register and then a cookie is set up
                    to keep track).

(some tools to work with this files are found in

> > Basicaly the idea is to generate different Packages.gz with the
> > translations for each language. When you do this apt and all
> > programs that uses this file, use the translated descriptions.
> this is a technical question. But a Packages-LANG is a fast but not a
> nice way. A System like gettext (with patches in dpkg, apt etc.) is
> nicer and real multilingual.

True, but you'd have to modify apt. A "multilingual" system is not as
essential in this case as in the case  of user programs: we may have several
different users who speak different languages, but the system administrator is
usually one (or a small group who speak a common language). The sys
administrator will choose a Packages.LANG of his choice.
If normal users need to check the packages descriptions they could find them
in debian.org, in several different languages and with a web search interface.

> yes, this is the 'fast' way. But a 
> 	export LANG=de_DE apt-get serach schach 
> is very nice.

Well, once we have translations in several languages there might be a good
reason to implement multilingual support in apt. In the mean time I think that
different Packages.lang in different mirrors would bee already very useful.


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