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Re: Bug#648844: sl-modem: [INTL:pt_BR] Brazilian Portuguese debconf templates translation


Só para constar, eis abaixo como ficou minha resposta ao Ahmed, precedida da consulta feita por ele.



> There is a Portuguese translation already included with sl-modem
> (attached with this email). It looks very similar to the translation
> you provided, could you please check if it is needed to add a separate
> translation file for "Brazilian Portuguese" ?

> Dear Ahmed,

> As the author of this sl-modem package translation, I have discussed the issue raised by you with our pt-BR team - our coordinator will confirm this if necessary. 
> Also, we decided to introduce a small change, so I'm resending the file.

>  Yes, we do believe the file should be added, and that for several reasons, the main one being that it's a separate locale, and the user has the option of not using pt  > as fallback, in which case the text will be displayed to him/her in English, not in pt-BR.

> In addition to this, while the small orthographic differences between the two versions of Portuguese (such as the ones in this file) may seem irrelevant, they are often > distracting for native speakers. 

> There are also many computer terminology differences (in hardware, software, and so on), and in the general vocabulary as well, although it's not the case here.

> Best Regards,

> Marco Juliano e Silva 

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