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Re: Please update debconf PO translation for the package openldap2.3 2.3.30-4.1

> > The wonderful package maintainers intend to update the package pretty soon
> > and would be ashamed if Brazilian is incomplete as at least one of them is
> > able to speak your wonderful language.
> 	:-)
> 	I would be happy to update the new PO, but it seems identical
> to the previous one that I already update.

Sure. As said elsewhere the misunderstanding comes from /me missing
one mail from you. Nothing more to do on openldap2.3

> 	I'm also in doubt about openldap2, Russ told me that it is a
> complete different package, and I'm willing to take the time to also
> update that, but I would like to listen from you first.

The package is completely different and mostly unmaintained. I NMU'ed
it a few weeks agao and I won't NMU it again.

So, translating it is not an urgency, I'd say.

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