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Re: le b´resilien n'existe pas!

(for people on l10n-portuguese, this is an argument I had with Mr
Pedro Cid, who came at me explaining that I shouldn't speak about
Brazilian and Portuguese and that I'm more or less insulting
portuguese cultures....if I understood well. I have absolutely no idea
why Mr Cid came at me. I'm just guessing this is more or less related
to my activities in free software i18n and probably the Debian
translations...I maybe some day from here or there about "Brazilian"
and "Portuguese"...this i smaybe because of this, no idea)

Quoting Pedro Cid (numajarra24@hotmail.com):
>    I find it very insulting to see the way the French mistreat other
>    cultures, including that of Brazil and Portugal. The language spoken

But why the fuck are you telling this to me ?

In which way am I responsible for what you think is common French
attitude ?

You're completely wrong, by the way.... Most french people do not make
real difference between Portuguese and Brazilian cultures.....because
most don't know a shit about any of both..and those who care are, as
far as I know, as respectful to both cultures as they are to others.

This is as silly as writing that Portuguese people are all people who
watch futebol all day along eating roasted bacalhau.

>    Differences occur , basically in spelling and vocabulary. Portuguese
>    vocabulary can be a bit harder for a Brazilian, but the Portuguese are
>    very familiar with the vocabulary used in Brazil , thanks to Brazilian
>    soap-operas, and music, widely watched and listened to in Portugal.
>    The same thing happens with languages that have a wide geographical
>    span, such as English (American English, British Englsih) and even
>    French. In America they even publish different versions of Harry

Please don't give me a course about languages. I guess I have some
culture about it, even without being pedantic.

I work daily with several dozens of translators, in my work with the
Debian GNU/Linux distribution. This includes Portuguese translators as
well as Brazilian translators. Both have chosen to work on different
translations because, as you wrote, both ways to speak and write the
same language are different enough for justifying it *in their point
of view*.Their point of view of native Portuguese speakers...not my
French point of view.

On the other hand, in the same team, translators from Spain and
Spanish-speaking South America have chosen to work on the same
translations. This is a decision of their own, just like the
Portuguese/Brazilian decision was to split translations.

So, again, I have absolutely no idea why you came at me and assaulted
me with rude arguments but you're probably attacking the wrong target.

If you want to convince people that there should'nt be different work
for Portuguese and "Brazilian", then go to the debian-l10n-portuguese
mailing list and argue there.

>    I have never seen the French doing it with any other cultures. I only

That is blatently silly. French have no special way to treat
Portuguese culture, neither better nor worse than others. Most
often, French people I know has a good feeling with Portuguese or
Brazilian cultures : most of us indeed have friends from Portuguese
origin given the number of immigrants who came here in the 50's and
the 60's for the benefit of our both cultures.

Moreover, my own contacts with Portuguese people (mor efrom Portugal
than Brazil) have given me the impression that French and Portuguese
people have quite close cultures (far closer than spanish and french,
for instance) and history always showed this.

The most common french attitude, at least from abroad, is a kind of
arrogance, with the feeling that our culture is above others, either
consciensciously or not....

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