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Re: List of possible XkbModel entries per locale

Hello Konstantinos,

I'm CC:'ing some mailing lists so the advise bellow are for them. Just
jump to my comments and ignore them.

People from Brazilian related lists, Konstantinos is the maintainer of
the localization-config package. He's trying to improve it in order to
make it be used by default in Debian Sarge. Among lots of other
niceties, localization-config allows the XFree86's keyboard layout
config to be pre-answered based on the language used to install Debian.

This is why I'm CC:'ing you all as I'm really not sure which would be
the best choice for a standard Brazilian keyboard since there are more
than one possible layout used in Brazil. If someone could give
Konstantinos a better advice than me it would surely help Brazilian
Debian users.

On Sun, Aug 22, 2004 at 09:21:14PM +0300, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> On ?????? 22 ?????? 2004 20:57, you wrote:
> > Hi Konstantinos,
> Tchau! Como vais?

"Tchau", at least here in Brazil, is the expression used when people are
leaving. You probably tried to say "Olá", which means "Hello". Also,
"vais" is mostly used in Portuguese from Portugal. Here in Brazil we use
only "vai" :-)

> > 'pt_BR'       => { LAYOUT => 'br', XKBModel => 'abnt2' },
> >
> > or
> >
> > 'pt_BR'       => { LAYOUT => 'us_intl', XKBModel => 'pc104' }
> >
> > depending if the computer has the native language keyboard (the
> > first) or the US model.
> Well, Andre Luis Lopez, another developer (CCed) suggested another alternative:

Hmm, its "Lopes". Nevermind, I can't get people even from Brazil to write
"Lopes" anyway :-) It's very common that they use "Lopez".

> 'pt_BR'        => { LAYOUT => 'br', XKBOPTIONS => '', XKBMODEL => 'pc104', XKBVARIANT => 'abnt2' },
>  Since I am not really an expert in international keyboard layouts, which one should I include?
>  (I can only include one per locale though)

I'm not an expert also. I only recommended you to use this layout because
this is the one that I use for my personal machines and for every other
machine I install and it works fine for me.

However, it must be noted that I always use GNOME under XFree86 and I
don't know if GNOME is adding some workarounds to make my life easier
and to fix a possible bad layout choice or if this layout is really

I'm CC'ing debian-l10n-portuguese@lists.debian.org so we could have some
advice from translators which certainly could know better than me about
layout issues. Also, debian-users-portuguese@lists.debian.org is a potential
good place for requesting help regarding this issue.


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