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[osamu@debian.org: [Qref-dev]24 August: Debian Freeze]

Olá pessoal,

Alguém interessado em ajudar o Debian Reference[0] estar em um estado
decente para usuários brasileiros do Sarge ?

[0] http://qref.sf.net

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Debian Freeze shedule is out and it will be frozen on 24 August.

So no more changes to English except spelling, styles and grave fact
bugfixes.  (Basically frozen for translation.)

Realistically, I need to get updates before 10 August to do last minutes
check and upload.  I know Tsuno did minor update after my last upload.
But, Japanese is finnaly 100 % current translation.  Only 1 week left.

If you find some time to synchronize translation, please.

I think updates on these gives major benefit to the users:

  * Tutorial              (tutorial.sgml)
  * Network configuration (gateway.sgml)

 FILE      en    fr    de    it   es    pl    pt-br ru    zh-tw zh-cn
 tutorial  1.87  1.18  1.38  1.18 1.18  1.38  1.77  1.77  1.38  1.33
 gateway   1.234 1.209 1.34  1.27 1.215 1.34  1.209 1.232 1.34  1.30

Your help is most appreciated.


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