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Re: New APT translations

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 02:35:52PM +0100, Michael Piefel wrote:
> Dear Andre,

Hello Michael,

> The internationalisation of apt is now officially happening. There have
> been some changes, and an update of the translations is needed.

Nice to see it really happening.

> Attached you will find a copy of the newly updated PO file for the language
> you translated. If you can, please fill in the remaining translations, fix
> the ones which are marked fuzzy, update the header and then send it back.

Ok, just did that. It's attached and gziped as well.

> You will notice a large number of messages which have been commented out at
> the end of the file. That is because many messages have not yet been marked
> for translation in the official apt sources. It is best not to touch them.
> Should the messages finally be marked for translation in the source, a
> subsequent merge will take those translations from the end of the file, and
> you will not have to translate it again.

Ok, these ones weren't touched at all. I just kept them around at the
end of the file.

I'm really looking forward to having the possibility to use apt in my
mother tongue. I would like to congratulate you and everyone else who
are working so hard for the benefit of the whole Debian community.

I'm CC'ing debian-l10n-portuguese as people there are surelly highly
interested as well.


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