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Webmin i18n

Hi Jaldhar,

   I was following almost all threads about Debian Desktop lately on
debian-devel and I noticed that people are seriously thinking about
using Webmin and/or Ximian Setup Tools as the default configuration
tools for this subproject.

   This would require a lot of work to be done in both tools to smoothly
integrate them into the desktop. I think that internationalization would
be more than desired : it should be required. I'm pretty interested in
helping Webmin internationalization for my mother language, Brazilian
Portuguese (pt_BR). Currently there's almost zero i18n efforts for my
language and I would like to change this.

   As there's a lot of official modules within Webmin and a lot of
others third-parties ones, coordinating with every upstream from each
module would require a lot of extra work for me and, as you already does
that, I would like to ask you if I could use you as my bridge between
the upstreams module developers.

  What I would like to do is to use the Debian BTS to send you every
piece of work I'm going to do related to Webmin internationalization. Do
you think I should work this way ? Should I contact the upstream
developers and sent them my work instead ?

   I'm also CC'ing debian-l10n-portuguese as people there might be
interested and could help me in my efforts.


André Luís Lopes
Utah Linuxcenter

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