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Re: Prioritizing sections

On Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 04:32:26PM -0300, Luis Alberto Garcia Cipriano wrote:
> Michael Bramer wrote:
>   >
>   > But I think more about this system. Maybe this is a fine solution:
>   >
>   > Get every priority a number, like:
>   > 	standard  50
>   > 	optional  40
>   > 	extra     30
>   > 	important 20
>   > 	required  10
>   > and if the package has a 'Task' add 3, if a package name start with
>   > 'lib' del 3 points. Maybe you have more rules?
> packages names containing '-doc' del 3 points ?

and packages names containing '-dev' del 3 points ?
> 1. The translator can send a "section sound" or "section math " or "section
> graphics" or "section games" :-) and so on, in order that he could
> translate first the packages for the area he have more knowledge. The
> server would have to:
>      a. Search the packages (sorted by the priority number above) and, if
> there are untranslated packages in that section, send the packages to the
> translator.
>      b. If there are no more packages in that section or the section don't
> exists send a sorry message. Or perhaps act as it wasn't "section ___" on
> the request ?

nice idea. 

and I make this. 

I test this with the subject line:
	GET 1 de noguide SECTION games

and it is running... jfyi from the debug output:
DEBUG get_some_untrans: count=1, lang_postfix=de
DEBUG ----select_section----
DEBUG       count games: 99
DEBUG ----weighted_keyslist----
DEBUG       count standard: -1
DEBUG       count task: 1
DEBUG       count optional: 93
DEBUG   from new db: 0161f1c1b25d938655dbe0a3e55fa317

> 2. Allowing for multiple "REQUEST package lang" clauses per request. This
> will be useful to translate packages that have similar texts (as lg-XX, or
> kernel-headers-x.x.x or kernel-sources-x.x.x). Or if the translator thinks
> that a package is so important (or he really uses it daily) that he could
> with this override the priority order above and translate -docs -devs for
> that package. (With the current implementation he could do that sending
> several RESQUEST mails, but it would be easier if only one do the work)

yes i know this problem. But with this 'subject line parser' this is a

But read the yet changed FAQ and use it.
 use a nice bash script, like:
 for a in kernel-headers-x.x.x kernel-sources-x.x.x lg-XX
 	mail -s "REQUEST $a noguide" grisu-td@auric.debian.org < /dev/null
 But please use all the time the 'noguide' option in your scripts...

> 3. When a translator REQUEST a package that has already a translator there
> could be a "comments" field where he could write some comments (perhaps
> explaining better the changes to the original translator, when there are
> stilistic or not obvious) that will only be sent to the original translator.

Yes, I have this on my TODO list. Now you can use this hack:

!# Package priority: extra
!Description: Yet another TeXShell for Linux
! ts is a TeX environment similar to the DOS-TeXShell by
! Schlegelmilch. That is, you can use their short keys for editing (F3),
! composing (F6), or showing (F8). The complete list of keys is shown
! in the online help (press F1).
! .
! Menus, Keys, and Warnings are in english, but you can use german or
! english online help.
!Description-de: Eine TeXShell für Linux
! ts ist eine TeX Umgebung wie die DOS-TeXShell von Schlegelmilch. Sie
! können per Tastendruck den Text editieren (F3), übersetzen (F6) oder
! eben anschauen (F8). Die komplette Liste der Tasten werden in der
! Online Hilfe angezeigt (F1).
! .
! # this is a comment
! # use better 'Menüs' and not 'Menues', you can use 
! # Umlauts in the description... 
! Menüs, Tasten und Warnungen sind in English, aber Sie können eine
! deutsche oder englische Online Hilfe anzeigen lassen.

(the problem with this is: 
 - this comment will store in the [p]parts db
 - if the translator don't remove this comments, this is in the desc
   db... very bad

But yes, we need a better technique. But I don't have a real solution. 
I don't like a 'Comments:' field. Maybe better like this:
!## this is a comment
!## use better 'Menüs' and not 'Menues', you can use 
!## Umlauts in the description... 
! Menüs, Tasten und Warnungen sind in English, aber Sie können eine
! deutsche oder englische Online Hilfe anzeigen lassen.

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