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Re: Prioritizing sections

td-coors, I already sent this to Michael, but I'm forwarding do get some comments or improvements. Thanks.

Luis Alberto. pt_BR.

Michael Bramer wrote:
 > But I think more about this system. Maybe this is a fine solution:
 > Get every priority a number, like:
 > 	standard  50
 > 	optional  40
 > 	extra     30
 > 	important 20
 > 	required  10
 > and if the package has a 'Task' add 3, if a package name start with
 > 'lib' del 3 points. Maybe you have more rules?

packages names containing '-doc' del 3 points ?

 > Gruss
 > Grisu

Three suggestions:

1. The translator can send a "section sound" or "section math " or "section
graphics" or "section games" :-) and so on, in order that he could
translate first the packages for the area he have more knowledge. The
server would have to:

    a. Search the packages (sorted by the priority number above) and, if
there are untranslated packages in that section, send the packages to the
    b. If there are no more packages in that section or the section don't
exists send a sorry message. Or perhaps act as it wasn't "section ___" on
the request ?

2. Allowing for multiple "REQUEST package lang" clauses per request. This
will be useful to translate packages that have similar texts (as lg-XX, or
kernel-headers-x.x.x or kernel-sources-x.x.x). Or if the translator thinks
that a package is so important (or he really uses it daily) that he could
with this override the priority order above and translate -docs -devs for
that package. (With the current implementation he could do that sending
several RESQUEST mails, but it would be easier if only one do the work)

3. When a translator REQUEST a package that has already a translator there
could be a "comments" field where he could write some comments (perhaps
explaining better the changes to the original translator, when there are
stilistic or not obvious) that will only be sent to the original translator.


Luis Alberto.

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