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Re: Polish translation of apt-listbugs?

On Mon, 06 Oct 2014 20:45:18 +0200 Tomasz Nitecki wrote:

> Hey,
> Just a minor update to revert "all" to [all] (as mentioned here [1]).

Hello Tomasz!
Thanks for the updated translation.

I have a few questions for you.

==== First question ====

#: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:375
msgid "********** on_hold IS DEPRECATED. USE p INSTEAD to use pin **********"
msgstr ""
"****** on_hold JEST PRZESTARZAŁE, PROSZĘ UŻYĆ p ZAMIAST to use pin ******"

It seems to me that "to use pin" was left untranslated.
I guess this is not intentional...
How can I translate it to Polish?
Something like "aby przypinać"?
Please correct any grammar errors (I basically know nothing about
Polish language, sorry!).

==== Second question ====

#: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:559
msgid ""
"     y     - continue the APT installation, but do not mark the bugs\n"
"             as ignored.\n"
msgstr ""
"     y     - kontyn. instalację APT-a, lecz nie oznacza błędów jako\n"
"             zignorowane.\n"

Is "kontyn." an abbreviation?
Can it be replaced by "kontynuuje" as in the translation for the
successive string?

==== Third question ====

#: ../lib/apt-listbugs/logic.rb:571
msgid " i b<id>   - mark the bug identified by <id> as ignored.\n"
msgstr " i b<numer> - oznacza błąd o numerze <numer> jako zignorowany.\n"

This does not look correct: the original English string talks about the
bug identified by <id>...
Would it be correct to modify the translation as follows?

msgstr " i b<id>   - oznacza błąd oznaczony przez <id> jako zignorowany.\n"

Please fix any grammar errors!

==== End of questions ====

Please let me know, so that we may improve the translation.
Thanks for your time!

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