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Re: apt 0.7.25: Please update the manpage translation for the package apt

2009/12/12 Vincenzo Campanella <vinz65@gmail.com>:
> Fazit: almost for sure the Italian translation will not be made by
> December 14th, but for sure the package will be translated in a very
> near future. :)
That is all we could ask for. Thanks! :)
I think i should have removed the version number from title, to made
this clear that we don't request ready state for 0.7.25. In fact we
request a totally new translation from all teams on debian-i18n -
it is just that i found some old material to convert in the hope it is
maybe a small help for the involved team - in the hope that some
have an interest in it so we can ship a few translations with squeeze.

I thought also all effected l10n teams were already informed about
the switch to po4a a few months ago, which seems to be true only
for a few (or: for all, expect italian)...
As the interest had varied greatly we have now decided to take the
next step and "drop" some languages to get shot of unreviewed
years old translations as long we have a few months before freeze
so a few unstable and/or testing users get "effected" by this
which would maybe lead to more interest. ;)

And as a more technical reason we want to bump policy compatibly
now to 3.8.3 where translations should be in sync with the original
files and we can't say this would be true for such an old translation.
The original files itself maybe haven't changed much since then,
but if we would accept it now we would maybe accept also a
translation which is on squeeze release day older than a decade...
(I hope i am not the only one who would get a bad feeling about that)

So again: Thanks for caring and sorry for the confusion,

David Kalnischkies

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