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Re: apt 0.7.25: Please update the manpage translation for the package apt

Il giorno sab, 12/12/2009 alle 00.26 +0100, David Kalnischkies ha
> Hi again l10n-italian,
> as the discussion started already in a different thread which is
> unfortunately in italian i can't understand much, but i think
> i understand enough to clarify a few things:
> The "old" translation has the last change in 2000 (!), so it is really
> old and i don't know if the original author has the smallest interest
> in proceeding. I only know that this mail was at least not rejected
> by his mail server (by now).
> Also "only" the two files guide.sgml and offline.sgml were given.
> Manpages itself weren't even started.
> These files both are shipped in apt-doc as APT User Guide and
> APT Offline Usage Guide.
> I have converted these files to the po-file with po4a -
> so these are the strings which are shipped as fuzzy.
> You may or may not have the chance to find good strings
> in these fuzzy ones, but i wouldn't bet on it.
> Processing only the fuzzy strings should give you the state as
> it was before (or better) and as i mentioned in the l18n-mail we
> really doesn't need a complete translation of all files.
> The buildsystem is currently calibrated to drop translations on
> a file-by-file basis at a threshold of 80% translated (unfuzzy) strings.

Hi David

Sandro was asking whether anyone would like to start the Italian

Gabriele and I answered that we can do it, if Eugenia has no time and/or
possibility to go ahead with the translation, but neither he nor I can
finish the translation within December 14th: it is a too short term, the
file is large, and translations need to be revised before they are sent.

Fazit: almost for sure the Italian translation will not be made by
December 14th, but for sure the package will be translated in a very
near future. :)


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