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Re: D-W wiki: please put Hungarian in the language bar

Quoting Labádi Máté (labadimate@freemail.hu):
> Hello,
> I don't have that much time either, but I have been planning for a long 
> time to partecipate in translation.
> The only problem I have never done it before. So I don't know
> 1. what we need to translate to hungarian (I have some ideas),

This has probably to be discussed among the debian-l10n-hungarian team
mailing list.

I would say that completing Debian Instalelr translations is to be
made...then progress through po-debconf translations, as well as
native Debian packages translations, and web site translations.

> 2. who is coordinating all these hungarian translations

TO be discussed in -l10n-hungarian

> 3. what software do you use for translation

I suppose probably kbabel

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