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Re: D-W wiki: please put Hungarian in the language bar

Quoting HEGEDUS Hajnalka (heha@aszt.inf.elte.hu):
> Hi,
> sorry for the late reply, but I had a lot of work, so I needed some time
> to catch up with my list e-mails.
> On Sun, 26 Jun 2005, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > BTW, I'm seeking for a reliable Hungarian translator for Debian
> > Installer.
> I'd be happy to do it, though I don't know if I have enough time for it.
> How much work is it? How urgent is it to be finished? Usually I can afford
> at least 2-3 hours of time for it a week, but there are periods
> (beginning and end of terms, summer), when I'm pretty busy, and I have
> very little time (maybe one hour a week is ok even then).
> So if it's not something to do in hurry, I'd be happy to contribute. I
> don't want to take away anyone's job though. Is it ok with the present
> translator if I work on the translation?

The best is certainly coordinating with people on the
debian-l10n-hungarian@lists.debian.org mailing list.

As far as I have seen, updates of the Hungarian translation file did
not occur in the recent past, so this is why I begin to worry.

People on -l10n-hungarian, any input ?

(please keep Hajnalka and me CC'ed to answers)

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