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Re: [ITT] po://gummi/po/de.po

Hallo Mitübersetzer,

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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2017 23:23:53 +0100
From: MarkusHiereth <translation@hiereth.de>
To: debian-l10n-german@lists.debian.org
Subject: [ITT] po://gummi/po/de.po

Stand: gummi   85% (223t;29f;9u)

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die Absicht, den Meldungskatalog zu bearbeiten war vorhanden. Leider
haben die Akteure, die hinter dem Paket stehen müssten, meine
vorab-Fragen (siehe anhängende Mail) bisher nicht beantwortet. Falls
jemand von Euch einen Tip hat, beispielsweise wegen
Tastaturabkürzungen in Meldungen, ich wäre interessiert.

Viele Grüße
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I am about to update the German message catalogue for gummi:

"Project-Id-Version: Gummi 0.6\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-01-27 19:58+0100\n"

I would be grateful for answers to the follwing questions_


The po-Template contains menu entries where keyboard shortcuts appear.

#: ../data/ui/gummi.glade.h:55
#, fuzzy
msgid "New from _Template"
msgstr "Neu aus Vorlage"

#: ../data/ui/gummi.glade.h:56
#, fuzzy
msgid "_Open..."
msgstr "Öffnen ..."

I assume that ALT-T initiates "New from template" and ALT+O makes
gummi open a file. Often, the respective translated menu entry starts
with another letter. sometimes the letter does not appear at all in
the german menu entry.

In the previous versions, equivalent keyboard shortcuts appear which
is dubios, as, according to these messages ...

#: ../src/gui/gui-snippets.c:343
msgid "Type a new shortcut"
msgstr "Neue Tastenkombination drücken"

#: ../src/gui/gui-snippets.c:346
msgid "Type a new shortcut, or press Backspace to clear"
msgstr "Neue Tastenkombination eingeben oder mit der Rücktaste löschen"

keyboads shortcuts can be edited by the user which contradicts to
markup certain letters in the English as well as in the localised message.


Would You explain "math inlines" and "math displayed"?

#: ../src/gui/gui-menu.c:472
#, fuzzy
msgid "Number of math inlines"
msgstr "Anzahl von Mathe \"inlines\""

#: ../src/gui/gui-menu.c:473
#, fuzzy
msgid "Number of math displayed"
msgstr "Anzahl von Mathe \"displayed\""

As far as I know that Latex leaves it to the author of a document to
have a mathematical formula placed within a line or between two


Please send a copy to my personal addresse as I am no subscriber of
this mailing list.

Best regards
Markus Hiereth

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