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Re: [Aptitude-devel] Bug#674045: aptitude: German translation says "#Broken" but shows no number

Am 23.05.2012 06:59, schrieb Christian PERRIER:
Quoting Andreas Kloeckner (inform@tiker.net):
Package: aptitude
Version: 0.6.7-1
Severity: normal
Tags: l10n

Dear Maintainer,

The German translation of aptitude, when encountering broken packages,
shows (the German equivalent of) "#Broken" in the header, but does not
show a number behind this label.

I confirm this. The German translation is indeed right:

#: src/pkg_columnizer.cc:394
#, c-format
msgid "#Broken: %ld"
msgstr "#Beschädigt: %ld"

I suspect this is because the string is longer than the original
English string and is overwritten by the next string.
The problem doesn't happen in Franch because the translation there
(#Cassé: %ld) is not longer than the English string.

So, unless come code is added to consider the real size of strings
rather than hardcoding the string placement based on the length of
English strings, the only solution here is to shorten the German
translation (I suspect by using an abbreviation such as "#Besch.:

You can change it to "Kaputt: %ld". This means the same and has the same length.

Kind regards,

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