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Facebook.com/AndroidFans (107,000+ fans) Promote your App!!

Title: Facebook.com/AndroidFans (107,000+ fans) Promote your App!! - -

I would like to know if you would be interested in us doing an application review/promotion to 150,000+ facebook fans. Would this appeal to you?! If so we have one of the most massive pages of 107,000+ "Android Fans" http://facebook.com/AndroidFans In our review we would capable to tag your very own facebook fan page from your web site within the article. Please take the time to read some of my reviews. You may also notice the view counts and the populous huge company names.

**This would benefit your app to be recognized at a rapid pace. Feel free to fill out the online form for your request here http://droidtweak.com/media

Thank you so much for your time. ~ Thank you for your time DroidTweak Media Project w: droidtweak.com e: support@droidtweak.com

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