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Re: Deutscher Debian-Installer in Sarge

Quoting Holger Wansing (h.wansing@onlinehome.de):

> > In the meantime, please keep the post-sarge branch up-to-date and just
> > tell me if some strings or individual packages need to be synced in
> > the sarge branch....or fix them manually.
> We just told, that the german po files are not synced in sarge.

They will be. I got the confirmation that all packages which were used
in RC3 are now i the sarge branch and properly tagged. 

So, I can launch a sync session manually, which I will do as soon as I
have everything ready for that (which may include a working

> Are there chances to get corrected versions into sarge?
> Will there be one more build of the d-i for sarge?

That is not yet answered and I have currently no clue about this. The
probability is low, however.

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