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Re: Deutscher Debian-Installer in Sarge

Quoting Holger Wansing (h.wansing@onlinehome.de):

> Well, it doesn't seem to have worked successful here.
> In de the po-files are not completely synced. Example: (from a todays
> sarge checkout)

OK....this explains that.

The sarge branch is currently not synced from the master files. Indeed
the files in the package directories are supposed to be those of the
package versions which are in sarge and they are synced by
Joey.....when he will do so.

So, at this moment, the sarge branch does not really represent
anything useful.....because it is out of sync with both the packages
which are really in sarge...and the master files in packages/po.

It's likely that the master files will be removed from the sarge
branch to avoid confusion.

We haven't been really clear about that, sorry. The change happened
during March when it became clear that, at least for some packages,
moving things from the unstable branch is better.

I need to talk with Joey about the future handling of the sarge
branch, in order to decide how we will manage translations there,
especially when sarge will have been released.

In the meantime, please keep the post-sarge branch up-to-date and just
tell me if some strings or individual packages need to be synced in
the sarge branch....or fix them manually.

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